• The video classes have been recorded with students. The class is divided in 3 parts, first we get inspired looking at photos and images, and then we start the Zentangle practice which is explained in an easy and related way.

• You will receive by email a link, to be able to see the class which you can watch as many times as you want and at your own pace during 7 days.

• You will also receive a file with all the information given during the class.

Material needed for the classes:

- Black marker.
- Pencil and a blender.
Depending on the class you are choosing, you will need some additional material, such as the size and the amount of tiles.

DURATION: 2 and half hour.

PRICE: 27 € per video

REGISTRATION: Bank transfer or PayPal.




We want to celebrate the cultural heritage of different countries by having a closer look at the artistic expressions with Zentangle as our reference.

It will be a tribute to organic tangles using leaves and flowers to create compositions inspired by ceramics, tiles and other objects in interior decorations.

You will need: The basic material, and:
A DIN A-5 (14 x 21 cm. paper or 5,5 x 8 inches, more o less) of the same paper as the tiles.

  ZENBUGS (with reticula and fragments)  
  In this class we are going to have a closer look at insects with a touch of zen. For this, we are using fragments which are tangles in a special category drawn in a geometric structure.

You will need: The basic material, and:
- 1 sheet of fine grain watercolour paper 29 x 21 cm.
- Solid watercolours, it doesn´t have to be a very good brand.
Optional material: White Gelly Roll (gel ink pen) and white charcoal pencil.

We will escape in to the sea, among algae, shells and fish, in search of the most maritime tangles.

We will create a marine "landscape" using a Zendala which is a round tile with a diameter of 11,5cm.

You will need: The basic material, and:
A marker, a pencil and a blending stump.
A Zendala which is a round tile with a diameter of 11,5cm
A quality paper tiles size 9 x 9 cm.

Transcend-be or go beyond the range or limits. This is the definition in the dictionary but it also says, be greater than something ordinary.
We will go beyond the traditional tile, and we will draw in layers and break the limits!.
We will create levels and dimensions, using 2 different colored pens on top of a background made with watercolor, and you will learn how to use the different pens to create effects of depth, and how to apply watercolors to tiles to give them a touch of color, using techniques that will be useful for your future creations.
You will need: the basic material and Black pen, a Pencil and blending stump, 4 tiles (9 x 9 cm.), a White Gelly Roll, Watercolours.

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 ZENBUGS (with reticula and fragments).

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